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  • Barycentric — can refer to:In astronomy, * Barycentric coordinates (astronomy) are coordinates defined by the common center of mass of two or more bodies * Barycentric Dynamical Time was a time standard in the Solar system * Barycentric Coordinate Time is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Barycentric — Bar y*cen tric, a. [Gr. bary s heavy + ke ntron center.] Of or pertaining to the center of gravity. See {Barycentric calculus}, under {Calculus}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • barycentric — adjective see barycenter * * * barycentric, a. (bærɪˈsɛntrɪk) [f. Gr. βαρύ ς heavy + κέντρ ον centre + ic.] Of or pertaining to the centre of gravity …   Useful english dictionary

  • barycentric — adjective Of or pertaining to a centre of gravity …   Wiktionary

  • barycentric — [ˌbarɪ sɛntrɪk] adjective relating to the centre of gravity. Derivatives barycentre noun Origin C19: from Gk barus heavy + centric …   English new terms dictionary

  • barycentric — bar·y·cen·tric …   English syllables

  • Barycentric Dynamical Time — (TDB) was a time standard used to take account of time dilation when calculating orbits of planets, asteroids, comets and interplanetary spacecraft in the Solar system. It was based on a Dynamical time scale but was not well defined and not… …   Wikipedia

  • Barycentric Coordinate Time — (TCB) is a coordinate time standard intended to be used as the independent variable of time for all calculations pertaining to orbits of planets, asteroids, comets, and interplanetary spacecraft in the Solar system. It is equivalent to the proper …   Wikipedia

  • Barycentric-sum problem — Combinatorial number theory deals with number theoretic problems which involve combinatorial ideas in their formulations or solutions. Paul Erdős is the main founder of this branch of number theory. Typical topics include covering system, zero… …   Wikipedia

  • Barycentric coordinates (mathematics) — In mathematics, barycentric coordinates are coordinates defined by the vertices of a simplex (a triangle, tetrahedron, etc). Barycentric coordinates are a form of homogeneous coordinates.Let x 1, ..., x n be the vertices of a simplex in a vector… …   Wikipedia

  • Barycentric subdivision — In geometry, the barycentric subdivision is a standard way of dividing an arbitrary convex polygon into triangles, a convex polyhedron into tetrahedra, or, in general, a convex polytope into simplices with the same dimension, by connecting the… …   Wikipedia

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